BLAKE is proud to announce that we have partnered with RAW Distillery to diversify and elevate your experience one step further. BLAKE and RAW came together serendipitously, realizing immediately just how complimentary we are. BLAKE and RAW Distillery don’t just share values, visions, and passion, but also we now share a location. Yes, you heard that correctly! RAW Distillery is now located on site at 810 Bow Valley Trail, creating the ultimate space for guests of both businesses to share direct access to two award winning experiences!

Are you someone in for a meal, but want to learn more about the RAW product we use? Look at the RAW website and maybe take a tour/guided tasting.

Are you someone in for a RAW tasting, but want to couple your experience with world class food? Come join us for a meal wrapped around your RAW experience, with some specific dishes to complement your spirit of choice. Want to see where the RAW product is produced (and maybe take a guided tasting)?

As part of our partnership, RAW and BLAKE are also collaborating on an on site brewery – allowing you to taste a beer mere metres from where it was produced to ensure you get the exact taste we are targeting!!

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EAT. EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE is our catchphrase, and RAW’s tasting adventures oh-so-perfectly fit the mold. Here are a few things that BLAKE and RAW have in common:


Accessible Luxury

Whether you’re wearing hiking boots or high heels, a suit and tie or a Canadian tuxedo, welcome. We’re glad you’re here. From our chic but comfortable atmosphere to our unique repertoire of flavour, you will enjoy an elevated food and beverage experience without the side of pretension. Pull up a chair!



BLAKE and RAW are obsessed (in a healthy way) with sourcing the best local ingredients we can get our hands on. BLAKE’s kitchen strives to emulate farm-to-table dining and never (ever) use an ingredient we can’t pronounce. You deserve to know what you’re eating and there’s nothing we love more than fresh, flavourful ingredients from as close to home as possible. When it comes to RAW spirits, why on earth would they source from anywhere else? The Rockies are home to the freshest glacier water you can find and truly unbeatable Alberta grains. Eat local, drink local, and know exactly what you’re getting.


Constant Evolution

If you’re passionate about your craft, it’s obvious in your growth. We love what we do and we are committed to keeping our fingers on the pulse of the food and beverage industry, what’s new and exciting, what we should be tapping into, and what’s better left unchanged. We are life-long learners who have an unwavering love for what we do.


Like Nothing Else

From the moment you walk through the door, your experience at BLAKE and RAW will be unlike anything you’ve come across. We have countless tiny, unique touches both in our atmosphere and in our food and beverage offerings. We want to re-ignite your excitement about eating and drinking amidst an experiential tasting adventure.


Here for You

We’re all about giving you what you want. It’s your adventure, we’re just facilitating it! Our diverse food and drink offerings are set mindfully in place to ensure anyone can have a fulfilling dining experience. It’s all about you! This is a mindset BLAKE and RAW absolutely share.


Why have BLAKE and RAW partnered, you ask?

It was simply meant to be!